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Playground equipment can be extremely hot in Boise

As many of you probably know there is a heatwave here in Boise, Idaho and everyone is trying to stay cool either at home or at your local parks.  We have been putting down a lot of child safe certified bark down in your local playgrounds and homes to make sure your kids stay safe.  While we are blowing bark into these playground areas we have noticed that the slides have been extremely hot especially the darker colored slides like blues, greens, and reds.   The slides can get as hot as 200 degrees, the lighter color slides are not as hot but can still be about 100 degees.  Make sure you check the slide with your hands first before letting your kids on the slides.  There were recent reports out of Utah of children who were badly burned on darker colored slides and there were even some park closures involved.

Stay safe and stay cool this summer and if you need certified playground bark for your backyard, dog run, horse stable, subdivision, or park give us a call at Ground-FX at 208-338-8862.


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